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1 考勤记录 Time Attendance Records (          年_____月到          年_____月) 

2 员工加班申请表 Overtime Application Form 

3 当地政府综合计时批文Comprehensive Working Hours Approval  

4 工资表 Payroll Records (          年_____月到          年_____月) 

5 当地政府最低工资标准文件 Local Minimum Wage Notice 

6 员工档案, 人事花名册 Personal Files, Roster 

7 招聘政策, 招聘程序文件Hire Policy & Hire Procedure  

8 员工离职和解雇记录(最近3个月) Worker Resignation and Fire Records (Most recent 3 months) 

9 厂规, 员工手册,工厂休假政策(带薪年假,产假,病假) Factory Rule, Employee Handbook, Factory Leave Policies 

10 带薪年假,产假,病假休假记录 Annual Leave, Childbearing Leave and Sick Leave Records 


1 Factory Security Plan 工厂安保计划 

2 Written Policy Requires All Security Procedures Should be Documented 要求保安程序文件化的政策 

3 Written Personnel Security Guideline For Hiring 招聘員工的人事保安程序 

4 Employees Termination Procedure 员工离职和解雇程序 

5 Personnel Records 人事档案 

6 Background Check Record  \工背景检查记录 

7 Training Material and Record of Employees Orientation 新员工培训教材及记录 

8 Employees Security Awareness Training Material and Records 员工保安意识培训教材及记录 

9 Security Guard/Force Training Record 保安人员培训记录  

10 Job Duty/Description of Security Guard 保安人员工作指引  



1 Procedure to Destroy Tech packs / artwork销毁生产制造单 / 样图的程序 

2 Procedure to Destroy Third quality goods销毁不合格品的程序 

3 Procedure to Restrict the display of Tween Brands samples in the showrooms 限制样板陈列的程序 

4 Log to Track movement of tech packs / artwork 生产制造单/ 样图流动使用的记录 

5 Return record of discontinued tech packs / artwork from sub-contractors 外发厂停产订单的生产制造单/ 样图的回收记录 

6 Return record of excessive raw materials, trims and accessories from sub-contractors 外发厂的剩余原材料、边角料和辅料的回收记录 

7 Record of Goods designated for Sell-off or destruction processed 降价产品和销毁产品的处理记录 

8 Inventory Record of Raw materials, labels, trims and accessories with client’s 有客户标志的原材料、商标、边角料和辅料的存货盘点记录 

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